I just wanted to let you know that your podcast (and broadcasts, which I listen to on KARI  550) are such a huge blessing for me. I’ve downloaded every single one of your podcasts  from iTunes and am absolutely loving them. Thank you for so clearly teaching what God’s  Word says.  I have a question about repentance. I’m wondering exactly what, Biblically, repentance  really means. I’ll shoot straight: I’ve got one in particular sin in my life that I have battled  and struggled with my whole Christian life (13 years now) with no success, and sometimes  I find myself worrying about whether I’ve truly repented and whether I’m really saved or  not. If Christ has really saved me, shouldn’t I have been able to have victory by now? Why  hasn’t He delivered me from this sinful habit in my life when I so desperately want to be?
I’d really appreciate your answer on this.
Thank you so much again for your show!