Good afternoon Pastor Gordon:
I thought I would just send you a wee email letting you know how much I have enjoyed  listening to Abounding Grace these past weeks. I have spent my entire life in the Mormon  church but have drifted away these past few years. I have also been on a leave of absence  from a law firm in B.C. and when on holidays in December a bus driver spoke with me  about the real meaning of Christmas and amongst several things, suggested I listen to your
radio program. I also started visiting a Christian church in my neighborhood and exploring  what a real walk with God could entail. Yesterday with two of the pastors at that church I  accepted Christ.  I just wanted to thank you for the role your radio program has played in me making this  decision. I had never before thought that one could be a Christian and receive salvation  without first being well “on the way to perfection” (Mormons call it ‘perfecting the Saints’).  I had never before realized that one can come to Christ all “messy and broken” and that there is nothing we can do to be worthy of God’s grace.