Dear Pastor Gordon ,
I am sure that many more are being blessed up here, as I would expect that many of your  listeners are actually on this side of the border. Your website is also excellent, with very  helpful resources. I thank God for the work of your church and will continue to pray for you. Since I believe that most of the Christian media is really “lifestyle” Christianity, even though some of that stuff is pretty good too. But it is too much about scratching my itching
ears. Rarely do I hear the pure Gospel in a way that is so encouraging. Its like a tall glass of cool water in the middle of a very long race on a very hot day. I may try to bring my family out one of these Sundays. It is such an ordeal to cross the border since 9/11. But, if we do come, I will be sure to say hello.
May God continue to bless and lead you in this important ministry to the world.