Abounding Grace

Good afternoon Pastor Gordon:
I thought I would just send you a wee email letting you know how much I have enjoyed  listening to Abounding Grace these past weeks. I have spent my entire life in the Mormon  church but have drifted away these past few years. I have also been on a leave of absence  from a law firm in B.C. and when on holidays in December a bus driver spoke with me  about the real meaning of Christmas and amongst several things, suggested I listen to your
radio program. I also started visiting a Christian church in my neighborhood and exploring  what a real walk with God could entail. Yesterday with two of the pastors at that church I  accepted Christ.  I just wanted to thank you for the role your radio program has played in me making this  decision. I had never before thought that one could be a Christian and receive salvation  without first being well “on the way to perfection” (Mormons call it ‘perfecting the Saints’).  I had never before realized that one can come to Christ all “messy and broken” and that there is nothing we can do to be worthy of God’s grace.

Dear Chris,
I believe I was listening to you on KARI radio station a few weeks ago talking about  making the decision to turn your life to Jesus over and over and the emotion toll that took.  I was just looking for radio stations on the way to work and came upon this conversation  totally by accident. I didn’t know that KARI station even existed. I have been fighting alcoholism my whole life and have made the decision to turn my life and my will over to
God so many times it hurts. Your conversation smacked me hard! The parallelism was stunning. That day I decided to study the Bible, listen to KARI and start to pray to Jesus to enter my heart. I have struggled with God my entire life. I have always wanted faith, but couldn’t believe. Couldn’t! Every day since then I have been on my knees praying to Jesus, asking him to forgive me and to save me, really not sure, still. You said that one day you will find your will bent and your mind clear; clear as it is the mind of Christ. Every day, every time I pray, tears pour from my eyes. I have been fighting pornography for as long as booze. Being molested for years by friends of the family growing up, I always shrugged it off. In my heart I know that drinking takes away the pain of the pornography and the past and that I could never find God with the disgust of my behavior, always wanting to be free from it,
but always failing.
Today is day number 3 free from pornography after 40 years of daily immersion.

My will has been bent and my mind is clear with the mind of Christ

I just wanted to let you know that your podcast (and broadcasts, which I listen to on KARI  550) are such a huge blessing for me. I’ve downloaded every single one of your podcasts  from iTunes and am absolutely loving them. Thank you for so clearly teaching what God’s  Word says.  I have a question about repentance. I’m wondering exactly what, Biblically, repentance  really means. I’ll shoot straight: I’ve got one in particular sin in my life that I have battled  and struggled with my whole Christian life (13 years now) with no success, and sometimes  I find myself worrying about whether I’ve truly repented and whether I’m really saved or  not. If Christ has really saved me, shouldn’t I have been able to have victory by now? Why  hasn’t He delivered me from this sinful habit in my life when I so desperately want to be?
I’d really appreciate your answer on this.
Thank you so much again for your show!

Dear Pastor Gordon ,
I am sure that many more are being blessed up here, as I would expect that many of your  listeners are actually on this side of the border. Your website is also excellent, with very  helpful resources. I thank God for the work of your church and will continue to pray for you. Since I believe that most of the Christian media is really “lifestyle” Christianity, even though some of that stuff is pretty good too. But it is too much about scratching my itching
ears. Rarely do I hear the pure Gospel in a way that is so encouraging. Its like a tall glass of cool water in the middle of a very long race on a very hot day. I may try to bring my family out one of these Sundays. It is such an ordeal to cross the border since 9/11. But, if we do come, I will be sure to say hello.
May God continue to bless and lead you in this important ministry to the world.