Young People’s Group

Who: Students in grades 9-12
When: Each Wednesday, 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Where: The Upper Room
Leader: Brent Cooper


The Young People’s Group welcomes all high school students to
join us in fellowship. We meet every Wednesday night for a Bible
study, games, singing and Christian fellowship.

Disciplines will be our focus for this year. We will be studying
how to be "nurtured in worship and strengthened in disciplines."
We do have fun activities and fellowship each Wednesday night,
but our meetings center on the teaching and study of the inspired,
inerrant and infallible Word of God. Our primary concern is that
the Bible is taught faithfully in its entirety, even the portions
that our sinful hearts find difficult to hear. Our Bible studies
are intended to help equip our youth with the Biblical knowledge
they need to practice discipleship and to use their spiritual
gifts to pursue the will of God in their lives. We encourage our
youth to bring their Bible to these studies.

Young People are involved in several annual events that allow
us to study God’s Word and fellowship with young people from other
Reformed churches. During the winter, we participate in the Reformed
Youth Services (RYS)
retreat in central California. During
the summer, we attent the week-long RYS National Convention held
at different locations in the U.S.

addition to studying the Bible, the Young People’s Group has a
strong emphasis on service. Each month, the group has a Service
Project during our usual meeting time. During the year we will
sponsor Saturday work days in Tijuana. During the summer months,
we set up a trip to Mexico to build new houses and to help need
families. Another opportunity for service is the STEP program.This
program allows high school youth to travel to another URCNA church
for two weeks of concentrated service during the summer months.

also have a leadership and planning meeting on a Sunday evening,
once every other month during which youth and adult leaders discuss
previous activities as well as make plans for upcoming meetings
and activities and service projects.

adult leaders that help in our young People’s Group are Brent
Cooper, Eric and Katie Chappell, Brian and Michelle Postma, Bianca
Tiersma, Dan and Amanda Tiersma and Gil Rosas. All the leaders
are willing to share of their time and lives to help the youth
in their care.

get information regarding our weekly meetings, feel free to contact
any of the leaders, check the Calendar of Events in the Share
& Care and the weekly bulletin announcements


People Purpose and Mission Statement


Call youth to a commitment to God. Our primary responsibility

is to teach our youth the promises, privileges, and responsibilities

of the Covenant of Grace. This includes the understanding that

faith must be their own. Public Profession of Faith is to be encouraged.

A faith that is solid, passionate and real is desired.


Develop Christian Discipleship in our youth. If a commitment

to God is evident, a call to discipleship is necessary. Discipleship

includes the fundamental principles of following Christ’s example

of living every day life. This includes our use of time, money,

attitudes, and behaviours.


Teach by Word and by deed God’s Word from a Reformed perspective.

Our historical Reformed faith must be taught to the youth and

distinctions made clearly as to the differences with non-reformed



Provide Service opportunities. A fundamental responsibility

of a Christian is to live a life of service. The Service projects

must teach the youth by example how to give unconditionally and

humbly to others. It is also a way to encourage youth to consider

life as a missionary.


Develop one-on-one relationships between Leaders and the Youth.

Many youth require a secondary outlet for advice and counsel.

Youth Leaders are to be there to support parents and encourage

youth in their Christian walk. Youth leaders must be a Christian

model for youth.


Develop leadership skills in the youth. As the future of

our church, youth must be taught how to lead and be given opportunities

to lead. All gifts that are evident in a youth should be given

the opportunity to be shared and nurtured.


Provide a time of praise to God in a non-formal setting.

Youth should be taught that outside of the formal God-honoring

corporate worship with the congregation, they are called to give

proper respect and reverence for God through prayer, singing,

and praise to Him in non-formal settings.


Provide fellowship opportunities that are positive. Showing

youth that they can have fun and fellowship with other believers

promotes unity and a sense of belonging in the family of God.


Prepare youth for the outside world. Youth must be prepared

for the freedoms they will experience once they leave high school.

Discernment and

self-control are values that historically have been difficult

to maintain by some youth once they are in college or away from



Challenge their faith. A true test of faith is when it

is challenged.

Providing opportunities for youth to test and defend their faith

allows them

to grow and mature.